Math Recovery
  Math Recovery is an early intervention program designed to boost students'
math skills.  The program targets students in 1st grade in the belief that early
intervention will prevent students from falling behind in math.

Math Recovery teachers are specially trained to assess each student and then  teach each student in a one-on-one setting. 

You may go to the Math Recovery website to learn more.  head

  Please visit the websites below for ideas on things you can do to help your child advance in math.  New sites will be added, so please  check back often!   
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Early Math Activity Websites

 Post a letter

Count to 10

Math Games

Count Us In

Owl Math

Snakes and Ladders

Test the Toad (add and subtract)

Balance the Scales (Add)

Concentration: Match the number word and the numeral

Family Activities:

Mend the Hundred's Chart:

How many under the shell?


Five Frame

Find the number on the hundred's chart.

Spooky Counting

Beginning Math Activities

The Learning Planet (This page has a lot of good links for kids.  Thank you Mary! :-)

Money for Kids












Teacher Websites

Math Recovery Leader, Tina Silvestri

Make Games:

4th, 5th, 6th Grade

Printable Resources

Beginning Math Activities

The Learning Planet
Practicing All 4 Rules of Number  (resource masters for teachers)

Make games at this site:


NC Math Page

Teacher Sharing




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